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Who we are

Rishi Bike Bazar is a motor vehicle company from Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, India. As professional dealers of pre-owned two-wheelers and used sports bikes since 1998, we provide a number of facilities for our customers. These facilities include buying, selling as well as exchange of two-wheelers. We also provide sales of new two-wheelers and accessories along with clean and proper paper work. In addition to that, we also provide R.T.O. consultancy services for anyone in need. Apart from one-time payment, EMI and loan options are also available for our customers (terms and conditions apply).

The company boasts itself on its trusted services for the customers since we’ve been in this motor-vehicle business for 23 years now. Establishing friendly and healthy relations with our customers along with providing affordability is our ‘go to mantra’. With over 250+ bikes as part of our inventory, you can always find your dream bike at Rishi Bike Bazar.


The Team

Rishi Bike Bazar is coherently owned by the Tiwari family. We have established our family business from the grass-roots and have been consistently serving since 1998 from the day it was founded. The family owned company is a part and parcel of the Tiwari family’s daily livelihood. It was established by Mr. Sushil Tiwari, the business owner in Ghatkopar, Mumbai and his brother Mr. Girish Tiwari. The legacy has been carried on forward by his son, Rishi Tiwari and together they handle the entire business.

The team also comprises of workers and other employees. We also have a separate marketing and social media team to handle our online growth and outreach. A customer can always contact us via phone, email, social media or even physically anytime and we always make sure that no one ever goes disappointed. Rishi Bike Bazar has always been like a family for all our employees and we take utmost care of everyone just like we care for our customers. Our goal is to become the best hub for all types of two-wheelers and sports bikes and we are always driven to accelerate forward to achieve that. 

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